This is a big thank you post from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you, mom and dad, and the rest of my family for all the support from day one. To my friends who thought I was crazy but were there for me the whole time, and still are.

To all the sponsors: Thank you Raymarine for a good deal on chart plotter and instruments, and for giving me a new autopilot when my old one broke. Navionics for giving me charts for both my iPad and chart plotter. I only ran aground once, and that was not your fault! Volvat Bergen for giving me vaccines and good advices for my trip, which helped me staying healthy along the way. To Regatta for keeping my crew and myself safe with life wests, and for great sailing clothes. Yanmar for helping me when my engine broke down and for giving me an overwhelmingly good price on a new one. To BestMarin Oslo, Thomas Oksmo and Dag Magnus Sørensen for giving me the opportunity to work in the store, even though you had no idea what kind of person you took in. And for helping me with equipment or Snuppa. To the guys at Fredrikstad Marina for teaching me how to be a bad ass handy woman lending me awesome grown up tools, and for good help with Snuppa. To Lars Ingeberg for donating the Aries wind vane, which saved my Atlantic crossing twice and become it a very close steering friend along the way.

To my crew: Tina Kvist , for giving me a safe start together with my best friend. Martha Slot Thorvald my awesome crazy Danish girl. Thank you for giving so much of yourself. Going with a stranger on a trip like that with almost no sailing experience is so cool. I’m so glad that I got to know you and for all the things we experienced together. Ingvild Bolstad Landa: My oldest friend. Thank you for being there when I needed something familiar. Astrid Hylen Klippenberg: For teaching me how to sail and for trusting me to lead the way over a world ocean. Tonje Noreng Trøen: My favourite travel friend. Thank you for going all the way to the Caribbean to visit, you are the best! And of course, Andreas Poppas Jonsén: The guy who jumped on my boat without hesitating and haven’t looked back since. Not knowing how to sail and not having a clue what he had gotten himself into. We have had so much fun together since day one and you have thought me so much about myself. You are so awesome and brave! Thank you for this journey.

Thank you who have supported my trip financially. Every one of you have helped me fulfil my dream and helped me going further.

To every single one of you who have followed me on Facebook. I don’t know all of you, and you are still cheering for me, supporting, commenting and liking. I really appreciate it! Even if it might not look like it, there are also bad days when you spend a year sailing around the world, and you gave me extra courage.

To Sebastian, the perfect sea cat. Who kept me company for the first part of the trip. We became best friends, but I eventually understood that he needed more space and other cats to play with. Charlotte and her family is taking good care of him in Denmark. They send me pictures now and then, and he looks very happy!

To all the people I’ve met on the trip: You made every day even better. Especially Sigurd Cottis Hoff and Tobias Ørsnes for the full moon party and our perfect anchoring spot in “Thailand”. Kristoffer Henriksson for great adventures and for marking me for life with a tattoo. Emilie Ørn Kreyberg and Elise Pernille Gryt, two brave girls who also sailed from Norway. Thank you for great neighbour ship and late nights with rum punch. Britt Eikemo and Erik Føyn: Thank you for inviting to “sundowners” and taking care of me like you were my parents. Kjetil Fjeldvik VinKjenner and Charlotte Fjeldvik VinKjenner for being the best slushmasters in the canals. Rune Dalen, for enjoying the same things as me: pizza and beer. And for many good conversations. Rene Hemgren and Anders Hemgren: My Scandinavian bonus family

I will never give up sailing. It gives me so much joy and making me love life. That’s worth holding on to.

Trust me on this one: Follow your dreams and go on adventures! I believe that small everyday adventures are just as good as the big ones. As long as you go for it.

Thank you for everything!

Love, Oda and Snuppa